Dorota Rabczewska (Doda Elektroda): The World’s Most Beautiful Genius

The universally-accepted intelligence gauge is the intelligence quotient, or IQ, test. While a full review of the IQ test and its calculation methods is out of scope for this post, the median IQ is 100 with +/- 15 standard deviation. The further you move away from the average score, higher or lower, the more or less intelligent you are, respectively. Here is a graph that depicts the IQ scoring curve:

IQ Scoring Graph

As you can see from the graph, the majority of the population falls between 85 and 115. Persons with IQ scores of 70 or less are said to suffer from mental retardation. Conversely, individuals with IQs of greater than 130 are said to be of superior intelligence, and the higher the score the more intelligent the person.

It is estimated that Albert Einstein, who is synonymous with the word “genius,” had an IQ of around 160. While we can’t know for sure what his IQ was, we do know for certain that he was a genius, and therefore anyone with an IQ of a similar level can also be considered a genius. Now that we have set a benchmark for the IQ level of a genius, let me introduce you to the world’s most beautiful genius: Dorota Rabczewska aka Doda Elektroda.

doda elektroda black dressdoda elektroda playboy

doda elektroda white topdoda elektroda hairpani doda elektroda

Doda, who came in at #2 on the top 10 most beautiful Polish women, is a famous Polish singer formerly of the band Virgin but now a solo act. In 2004, at the age of 20, Doda Elektroda joined Mensa and it was revealed that she has an IQ of 156Mensa is a society for highly intelligent individuals, as the only membership requirement is a verifiable IQ score within the top 2% of the population. Currently, there are 100,000 Mensans living in 100 countries around the world.

UPDATE: 9/27/2007 – Phil DeFranco talks about Doda Elektroda (and links to this post) in his new video on YouTube. Thanks Phil, keep up the great work!

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