Google Cloud Print To Allow Printing From Wireless Devices

According to Google, Google Cloud Print is a service that enables any application (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device – Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Palm WebOS, Android, etc. – to print to any printer using the one component all major devices and operating systems have in common — access to the cloud. Google Cloud Print will submit and manage print jobs in the cloud rather than on a user’s local machine.

Let’s take an example to help illustrate this. Once Google Cloud Print is deployed and Google has built support for it into their Google Docs suite, I could open up a Word document my fiancee sent to my Gmail account in Google Docs on my iPhone and say Print. Then, with Google Cloud Print the print job will get sent from my iPhone (which is really in the cloud on Google Docs) to my home printer or whichever one I have setup to print the document, and once it’s finished printing I’ll get a status back on my iPhone saying whether the printing was successful or not.

Pretty awesome and this definitely addresses all the iPad printing critics.

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