Apex Data Loader for Mac OS X

The Apex Data Loader for Salesforce.com is a tool with an easy to use GUI to interact with your database – insert, update, delete, export, etc. Unfortunately the Data Loader magic is only natively supported on the Windows platform. However Mac OS X users are no longer excluded from the party, as the Data Loader has been ported to OS X under the name LexiLoader.

I’ve installed LexiLoader and given it a test drive in my developer sandbox and I’m happy to report that it works just like the native Windows version. Below I’ve included some screen shots of LexiLoader.

apex-data-loader-mac-1-150x150    apex-data-loader-mac-2-150x150    apex-data-loader-mac-3-150x150

apex-data-loader-mac-4-150x150    125px-DLlogo    AppExchangeDataLoader550x190-150x150

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