MacBook Pro = Dead

My four month old MacBook Pro is officially dead. She took a turn for the worse last week and I had been hoping for the best, but alas now all hope is lost and she is sitting at the Apple Store awaiting a hard drive transplant to bring her back to life.

Things started looking bad last week when it tried to perform Spotlight Indexing and it said “78 Hours Remaining…” Then they got worse after a reboot when the computer wouldn’t reboot. The worst part about it is I didn’t have anything backed up! The best part about that is that Carin got me an external hard drive for Christmas! Oh the irony!

So I booted off the Snow Leopard CD and plugged in the external hard drive. The Disk Utility failed so I couldn’t repair the hard drive, but through the Terminal I was able to save many of the files by copying them to the external drive — most importantly our pictures (however the iTunes folder is adios).

Last night I went to the Apple Store and after explaining the situation to them they took a quick look at it and confirmed my synopsis but unfortunately didn’t have the part I need on-site. So they ordered a new one which will take a few days to come in then they’ll swap it out and let me know when it’s ready — all free of charge.

Apart from having to get my iTunes music back via my iPhone or other Macs which is my fault for not having my data backed up this is more of an annoyance than anything else of just not having my MacBook Pro. Apple has been great thus far and we’ll see how they are throughout the rest of the process. Note to all: backup all of your data no matter how new your computer is!

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