My Return to Linux with Ubuntu 14.04

It’s been seven years and seven major releases of Ubuntu since my last foray into Linux a la Ubuntu 7.10. During that time I’ve been a Mac OS X user at home and a Windows user in the workplace. While I don’t really have a choice when it comes to the workplace, Mac OS X has been really convenient at home as my wife and I have become deeply entrenched in the Apple world of iPhones, iPads, iTunes, iEverything. There was a brief stint in 2012 when I was an Android user for several months but I was eventually wooed back to the iPhone when the shiny, new iPhone 5 was released – I also missed the apps from the App Store (I used some obscure ones at the time related to following Chelsea FC which were not available for Android).

Despite being very much an Apple man for much of the past decade, my inner geek has always quietly persisted under the radar, and recently I’ve been lured back into trying Linux, particularly as I work to grow my son’s interest in science; there are a ton of free apps in the Ubuntu ecosystem which are very exciting. I also want to use this Linux machine as sort of a centralized storage location. One of the problems we faced on our Macbook Pro (which has amazingly lasted 6 years and still going…though not as strongly as it once did) was that the storage was eclipsed years ago and it’s been a constant struggle of backing up and purging data. One of my goals for this Linux machine is to store all of our family photos and videos in a common location which can also be shared over our home network and streamed from. We have Samsung Smart TVs which can directly stream from computers if setup correctly.

I’m currently in some what of a test drive mode. I partitioned a small section of my 2 TB hard drive to experiment with Ubuntu in a dual-boot setup with the Windows 8.1 that came pre-installed for a while and make sure it will meet all of my long term needs. So far so good with Ubuntu though admittedly it has not been all that long yet. I plan to write more posts on my experience with Ubuntu and actions I may need to take to get the system working as I need it to.

Here are some resources I used to help in getting the dual-boot with Windows working properly:

And here is a screen shot of my dual screen Ubuntu desktop:

Ubuntu 14.04 Screenshot from 2015-02-16 21:40:12
Ubuntu 14.04 Screenshot from 2015-02-16 21:40:12

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