How To Unlock Your T-Mobile Dash

t-mobile dashIt doesn’t matter who your carrier is, unlocking your cell phone can be a huge pain. Call your carrier’s customer service department and ask them about unlocking if you don’t believe me. Why do I need to unlock my phone you ask? Well, you don’t need to, but there are a few reasons why you might like to. First, unlocking your cell phone allows for it to be used on different carrier networks. For example, you could unlock a Cingular phone and use it on T-Mobile’s network. The only thing to keep in mind with using phones across different network is that GSM and CDMA do not mix together. Secondly, a phone that is application unlocked allows you to install basically whatever you want on it, making it essentially as customizable as you want.

Before we get into how to unlock your T-Mobile Dash, I want to note that there are two types of locks on a cell phone: SIM and CID. The SIM lock is what marries the phone to a specific service provider, and as mentioned above removing this will allow you to use it on multiple carriers. The CID lock is what ties the phone to a specific OS and software, and as I just said removing this will allow you to install whatever you want.

OK now that we know what we’re doing and why we want to do it, let us proceed.

Unlocking your T-Mobile Dash is very easy but not free.

1. Go to

2. Enter your IMEI into the form and hit continue. To find your IMEI number just dial *#06# on your Dash.

3. Complete the necessary PayPal form — comes out to around $40.

4. Save the DASHv2Unlock Program to your computer — downloadable from the Web site in Step 1 .

5. Go into your email account on file with PayPal and save the UNL file that matches your IMEI to your computer.

6. Turn on the Dash and establish an ActiveSync connection.

7. Extract and run the DASHv2Unlock program from Step 4.

8. Supply the DASHv2Unlock program with the UNL file from Step 5.

t-mobile dash unlock 1

9. That’s it, just wait until the program finishes and your phone reboots.

t-mobile dash unlock 2

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