Learning Polish – Day 59

Tonight I added another weapon to my learning Polish arsenal: Before You Know It – Polish. I know, I know, Jon you have so many things to help you learn Polish why did you get another one? Well, when it comes to something as difficult as learning Polish, one can never have too many tools.

They have a lite version and a full version, the lite version is free and is the one I downloaded. It is a pretty cool program and does everything with digital flashcards. First, it shows you the word in Polish and English together and pronounces it in Polish. Then, once you’ve mastered that it shows you the word in Polish and says it and you have to think what it is in English, and see whether or not you were right. After that it shows you the word in Polish and you have to type it in English. Once you get that it shows you the word in English and you have to think and say it in Polish and see if you were right. And finally, once you have beaten all the other ones, it shows you the world in English and you have to write it in Polish. Once you have completed this last step they say that you “own it.”

All in all I’d say my first experience with this program was a very enjoyable and educational one. It’s nice to have a variety of sources to be able to learn from. It helps to prevent burnout from any single source.

Tonight I learned the days of the week, and can recall them from memory. So without further adieu, here they are:


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