Learning Polish – Day 28

So it has been a LONG time since I’ve written an updated one of these posts. Truth be told I’ve been slacking a bit with the Polish learning, but I need to pick it up because Carin’s babcia (grandma) is coming in May and each day that gets closer and closer.

Last night Carin decided to kick my butt in gear. Upon arriving at my house yesterday evening she unexpectedly announced that I would be having a test on my Polish that I have learned up to date; rather, what I had learned weeks ago. I thought OK this would be a good test to see how much I have retained. In my mind I was conjuring up different possibilities for what she could come up with as a test for me, I didn’t anticipate too much difficulty or too many questions.

I was wrong. She pulled out over 70 matching and fill in the blank questions. It was more difficult than I expected because whereas a few weeks ago I could have gotten a perfect or close to, now I was relying on memory and not memorization. When all was said and done I got an 85%. She thought I would do better, I was pleasantly surprised. At any rate this should jump start my Polish learning again so expect more posts of this nature. Also, if I can get the test pages scanned I will post them here.

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