Learning Polish – Day 3

Another day another expedition into the rocket science that is the Polish language. It really is very difficult and frustrating, not only learning a new alphabet and new words, but also new sounds and new ways of using your mouth and vocal chords to make those sounds. Today was about half a review of what I learned yesterday, and half new stuff. Carin brought over a little notepad and as I was going through the Rosetta Stone lesson she was jotting down notes in it. Upon completing the lesson she handed me the notepad and said “here, study this.” The notepad consists of a few pages of vocabulary containing all the words I have learned so far with some additional ones she has taught me over time, as well as colors and some verbs. She said she will be testing me at some point in the near future, I’m guessing over the weekend; but to get an early start I’m going to write out of some them here to conclude this post.

dziewcynka – girl
ryba – fish
ptak – bird
czerwony – red
niebieski – blue
siwe – gray
Ten samolot jest czarny – This airplane is black

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