Learning Polish – Day 1

Saturday I took the first step in accomplishing one of my new year’s resolutions. Carin and I stopped by the Willowbrook Mall and made an appearance at the Rosetta Stone booth. I purchased the Level 1 Polish CD set for $200 (came with a free headset and a 6-month guarantee). Today I took my first long and hard glimpse into it and I must confess to being pretty overwhelmed.

Learning Polish seemed like a novel idea over the holidays when I was surrounded by future-family who spoke 90% Polish, but now that I have actually begun to attempt it I have been greatly humbled. I like to think I can pick up new things pretty quickly, especially computer-related tasks such as computer languages, but this is a completely different beast altogether. Prelimenary ventures into the Polish language have left me confused and irritated. However, I will not give up. Learning Polish is important to me for a number of reasons, the most important being that it is the first language for over half of Carin’s family, including herself, and without it there are family members with whom I cannot communicate at all. Thus, it is imperative that I learn it and I will not give up until I do. Luckily I have Carin to help me, and she has been great as always.

I will try to track my progress regularly on this blog so that you all can follow it too if interested. If not, no biggie, just don’t be alarmed one day when you all of a sudden see a post written in Polish! :P

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