Google in Talks Over Phone

Internet giant Google, Silicon Valley’s most valued business, has recently held talks with Orange, the mobile phone operator owned by France Telecom. Executives from Orange flew to Silicon Valley for a meeting at the Googleplex. The plan is to manufacture a branded Google phone that would have Google software built-in to improve the traditionally daunting task of surfing the web on a mobile device.

Among the potential benefits are location-based searches: aware of your handset’s geographical position, Google could offer a tailored list of local cinemas, restaurants and other amenities, and maps and images from Google Earth.

As someone who uses Google an uncountable number of times each day I am delighted at the prospect of a Google phone. I’ll admit I love my Sidekick 3 but if Google could offer me the same features and services plus their own I would be heavily inclined to make the switch. For people like me and others who use a multitude of Google services it would just make our lives easier. Can you imagine checking your Gmail, reading your favorite RSS feeds, sharing images from your phone on Picasa, sharing videos from your phone on YouTube, looking up movies times by location with Google Earth and talking to your friends on Gtalk? All while editing your spreadsheets and documents and checking your analytics from anywhere you go! When can I pre-order mine? :)

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