Gmail Mail Fetcher

Google has recently given its popular web-based email, Gmail, the ability to check and receive mail from other accounts across the Internet. It can pull email from up to 5 different accounts, both new and old messages. In addition, Gmail lets you customize the “From:” address, so that it will appear as if you’re sending from your other account, and not from Gmail. In order to make use of these feature your other email account must be POP3 access enabled.

This is certainly a viable alternative to email forwarding, especially wth Gmail’s mobile capabilities, now you can retrieve email that was previously stricken to computers on your PDA or other mobile device.

Note: Currently this feature is only in limited release. To see if you have access to it, navigate to your settings in Gmail, then click on the “Accounts” tab.

For more information check out the Gmail Mail Fetcher in the Gmail help center.

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