Windows Internet Computer Name

For many people remote access to a computer is crucial. Traditionally software such as pcAnywhere or utilities like Remote Desktop have been used accomplish such a task. But how would you like to be to able to access your computer anytime, anywhere? No longer will there be a need to purchase your own domain name and configure dynamic DNS, Windows Vista will ship with Windows Internet Computer Name, a unique domain name for your computer.

The Windows Internet Computer Name is the result of advances to the Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP) which came stock with Windows XP. Traditionally, domain name servers have been used to hold lists of domain names and their respective IP addresses. However, in Windows Vista, PNRP will perform all the domain name resolution at the peer-to-peer level. As a result, Windows Vista users will provide PNRP domain name resolution services to fellow Vista users.

In leyman’s terms, you will be able to specify a name for your Windows Vista computer, and PNRP will make your computer available to other PCs on the internet; thus, allowing for direct connections to your machine. It goes without saying that if you choose to utilize this feature of Windows Vista you have better invest some time into securing your system.

The major drawback of the Windows Internet Computer Name system is that it requires IPv6 which isn’t supported by most of the consumer routers on the market, although it does come built-in with Windows Vista. IPv6 addresses are much longer than the typical IPv4 addresses that take the format, which means there practically an unlimited number of them available.

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