A jonholato.com Update

So it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been super busy at work and will probably continue to get busier, however the good news is not all is lost. In my little spare time I have been working on tool for those in search engine optimization called SEO Robot. It’s still a rudimentary work in progress however it’s progressing nicely. I keep adding more and more functionality to the SEO Robot because I’m not quite sure how far I want to go with this one. For more information about this tool you can visit the SEO Robot page. I have also begun work on a search engine marketing glossary. There are others already in existence, however I plan to take mine beyond those into not only mandatory search engine marketing related information, but also I plan to incorporate general Internet or Web knowledge that I feel would be valuable for search engine marketers.

Also, the theme hunt is on once again. I enjoyed the unsleepable wordpress theme for a while, however I have grown bored with it, and am seeking one that provides more eye candy along with some room for me to add customized php code for enhanced functionality. I promise I will be posting more frequently! :)

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