America: Freedom to Fascism

A documentary by Aaron Russo entitled America: Freedom to Fascism (full video) attacks certain characteristics of American government and society, most notably the Federal Reserve banking system and the notion of Federal Income Tax, and is a must watch for any American who is of voting age and pays taxes.

Russo begins the film with some historical background as to how the Federal Reserve and Federal Income Tax systems came into being in the early part of the 20th century as a result of the limitless greed of past bankers like Rockefeller, Morgan and others. Striking is the fact that the Supreme Court labeled income tax as unconstitutional, and it even failed to garner the appropriate number of senate ratifications to become law; however the government has happily been taxing our hard-earned wages, unknown to the masses that this practice they’ve been engaging in for over 90 years is in no way required by any part of the law.

According to the constitution, for income tax to be legal it would have to be apportioned, or distributed evenly among the masses as other taxes are such as the taxes we pay on gasoline and other consumer goods. Anyone who pays income tax knows this is hardly the case. Furthermore, nowhere in the law does it state that Americans are required to complete and submit a 1040 form to the IRS. The government has been taking our well-deserved income right out of our pockets and doesn’t even have the authority to do so.

The irony of it all is that the money collected by the government in these “taxes” doesn’t even go toward the people; rather, the income tax collected by the government goes directly to the foreign debt we owe outside investors. Let me state that once more: not one cent of the money the government takes from your paycheck goes toward you, or any other American.

The latter part of the documentary devotes a good amount of time to raising awareness about the Real ID Act, which I too must confess to having never heard of before this film. Basically the Real ID Act is George Orwell’s Big Brother come true, a national identification card which would be required when performing common tasks such as flying in an airplane, opening a bank account, entering any government building, etc.

He goes even further, with evidence to support his claims, detailing government programs to implant tiny, grain-of-rice size transmitters inside of people. These devices would take the national ID card notion even further by allowing the government to track every single move you make, even so much as to account for where you spend your cash.

This film, America: Freedom to Fascism, is probably the most eye-opening documentary to hit America since Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore; and in my opinion, much more powerful as well as frightening, because it shows that continued inaction on our part of changing the way our government operates will only lead to the inevitable elimination of our civil liberties the way we know them today. Our forefathers would be sick.

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