Google Cruise

Last Thursday night, 9/28/2006, some of the good folks at Google decided to take some of us from the office out on a drinks/dinner/drinks/dessert/drinks/more drinks cruise on the Hudson River. :) It was their way of saying “thank you for doing business with us,” and we couldn’t have been happier to say “you’re welcome.”

We took the Calypso out of Chelsea Piers and headed up river, all the way to the George Washington Bridge. We turned around directly underneath the bridge, which was an amazing sight, as most people only drive on it and never get to experience the view from below. Unfortunately, I was in the midst of a sit-down dinner with numerous co-workers and a few Googlites and was unable to leave and capture the moment on camera. After that we headed southward all the way down to the Statue of Liberty, which, if you haven’t yet seen Lady Liberty in person, I highly recommend.

Against all of our wills the cruise ended shortly after that as our time limit had expired on beautiful Calypso. Kudos to Google for planning an amazing night, which was every bit as educational as it was entertaining (one of the Googlers taught me how to play craps).

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