Saved By The Smell

Dustin Diamond, better known to most as Samuel “Screech” Powers, has opened a new chapter in the book of celebrities desperate for publicity; although the subject matter is anything but original.

Our beloved Screech, following in the successful footsteps of Paris Hilton, is now the star of Saved By The Smell, his very own sex tape. The video runs approximately 40 minutes and features the Saved By The Bell star with 2 women in a kinky threesome. Initial reporting states that the film is pretty grotesque and Powers even goes so far as to perform the uber-taboo “dirty sanchez.” Gross.

To our fortune but Powers’ dismay, this film will more than likely never gain the popularity of One Night In Paris, and will probably be received by the few viewers it attracts as nothing more than lunacy. He doesn’t harbor the same kind of sex appeal that Miss Hilton does, or rather, he doesn’t have any sex appeal at all.

What is does illustrate well, however, is the length that former TV stars will go to attract new attention to themselves; ex-Survivor Jenna Lewis tried the sex tape stunt as well. Paris Hilton’s sex tape may be somewhat forgiven because it was leaked against her will (so we were told), but individuals like Lewis and Powers, who intentionally release these tapes, cast a horrible shadow on the entertainment industry; in which celebrities have traditionally gained their fame through their work. It seems now that rather than work hard to achieve a goal through their God-given abilities, some would rather give up their decency and self-respect.

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