How to Customize Your Sidekick 3 Background

Here is a quick and dirty tutorial about how to customize your Sidekick 3 background in 10 easy steps, which is ever so necessary as the default ones from T-Mobile are atrocious.

Step 1 ) Plug the USB cable that came with your Sidekick 3 into your computer and into your Sidekick.

Step 2 ) Navigate to the drive where your Sidekick was mounted. (In most cases your computer will auto-detect and you may choose to browse the files in the folder, however you may need to double-click My Computer and then access the letter drive the Sidekick was assigned to)

Step 3 ) Once on the Sidekick drive on your computer, make a new folder called Themes

Step 4 ) Now make another new folder inside of the newly created Themes folder, calling it whatever you want the name of your custom theme to be.

Step 5 ) Select the main picture you want to use for your theme, this image should be a PNG or JPG file and must have dimensions of 240×138.

Step 6 ) Select the picture that you want to use for your sub-categories. (For example when you click Instant Messaging or Organizer on your Sidekick 3) Again, this image should be a PNG or JPG file and must have dimensions of 240×138.

Step 7 ) Open any text editor program, Notepad will do just nicely, and copy and paste the following into a blank file:

ThemeName #
string Name(en_US) ThemeName
bitmap ring-background FileNumberOne.png
bitmap ring-folder-background FileNumberTwo.png

  • Substitute the name of the folder you created in Step 4 with ThemeName
  • Change FileNumberOne to the name of the image you selected in Step 5
  • Change FileNumberTwo to the name of the image you selected in Step 6
  • Save this file as Theme.txt

Step 8 ) Copy all of the files (2 images and Theme.txt) into the folder created in Step 4

Step 9 ) Make sure all of the files transferred to the folder and unplug your Sidekick 3 from the USB cable

Step 10 ) Go to backgrounds on your Sidekick 3 and select your newly created one and enjoy!

Example of my Sidekick 3 background:


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